November 19, 2020
The Problem with China

The human and natural rights of ordinary Chinese civilians are uppermost and paramount. Nothing is more important than gifting a true Republic for the Chinese nation’s sake, and the removal of the Communist Party from power is important in the first step of societal transformation.

The tragedy of 71 years is this: the wresting of power in the mainland by Mao Zedong and the Communists, overthrowing and de-platforming a legally constituted Chinese Government helmed by Chiang Kai-shek and his Kuomintang command. That the Democratic Party in America aided and abetted the rise of the Communists is clear, both then in the era of FDR and Truman, and now in the age of Obama and Biden.

Leftism is only useful in the suppression of the human soul, the eradication of the divine spark in people, and the elimination of the ordinary Chinese voice from sociopolitical reflection and participation. Both leftist movements, i.e. the Democrats in America, and the Communists in China thrive on corralling agitated and gullible youth forces into shutting down public discourse and free thought.

Support for Democrats and Communists must stop, and that must begin in this day and age, or the chances slip us by and opportunities are wasted. With the Democrats and Communists finally pushed to the sidelines, and the Republicans of America given the honor of leading the United States, the Chinese race must see to it that our very own Republicans—the Kuomintang, regain the mantle of leadership in province after province of the mainland. This is so that the widespread favor, credibility, and indeed legitimacy of the Chinese Republicans can evolve into actual nationwide governance.

Such a restoration of the Republic of China can begin in Xiamen, Hong Kong, and Macau, Guangzhou, or Shanghai, fanning outwards from positions in Taiwan. Whatever the process for transition, the fact of the matter is that such a transition is both needful and necessary. The Soviet Union could not last forever. Neither should the People’s Republic of China. The USSR went into a bloodless transition by 1991 and Russia was restored; the Chinese nation deserves such a systemic transformation too.


普通中國老百姓的基本人權該是最為重要  最為神聖的。為中華之民族命運  建立民國,沒什麼比這事業來得更要緊,而確保共產黨卸任  不再統治中國大陸  便是復興中華社會的第一步。

七十一年來的悲劇乃是 :  中國大陸慘遭毛澤東及其共產黨恐怖奪權,他們推翻及非法化合法的華族政權  皆是蔣介石和國民黨的合法領導。美國民主黨協助並扶持共產黨上台,是明確的事實 ;  當年二戰時期的羅碩夫和土魯曼總統  且近期的奧巴馬總統和總統候選人拜登,都認同共產黨。

共產黨等左派主義  用意是在於鎮壓人類心靈  鏟除人們內心中的靈魂天性  杜絕普通老百姓在社會政治反省和參與價值觀裡應有的申冤權利和發言權。美國民主黨  中國共產黨  都是左派勢力,政治生涯在於慫恿怒氣澎湃而又十分幼稚的青少年群  協助遏制公眾言論及開放思考。

中華民族已邁入新時代  無需支持民主黨共產黨  在此刻做出反對是刻不容緩且不容忽視的重要機會。擱置民主黨共產黨,美利堅合眾國領導權將邁入共和黨手中,那中華民族也須確保咱民族的共和勢力,也就是國民黨,有機可乘奪回大陸政權  以一省接一省的方式重獲取回中央。通過這方式方能給予中國國民黨全國性實際施政的優勢  信譽  自然性。

中華民國復興先從廈門香港澳門廣州上海,以臺灣為起步發起擴展,是可行的。無論依什麼形式啟動復興運動換政府,運動始終是必要及迫切的  這可謂毫無疑問。當年蘇聯不可能持久永存,今時何必強求共產中國世代傳承 !  蘇維埃聯邦在九一年之際無血交棒於俄羅斯聯邦。中華民族也應該盼著如此有次序有系統的徹底復興。



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