September 13, 2021
Malaysian Chinese Association’s Insap institute and Hamas ties


iVoteChina and iVoteAmerica call on Chinese associations and moderate Muslims to sever ties with the Islamic Resistance Movement (also known as Hamas)—a globally renowned modern Nazi organization whose mission is to cut Gaza off from Israel, and destroy the destiny of the Jewish and Chinese peoples.


The only righteous Chinese endeavor is to restore the true Republic, and dethrone communism. 1.6 billion Chinese futures are at stake, and the Communist Party is the dark, sinister obstacle that blocks the path to national restoration.

必須復興民國 救濟十六億華人 脫離共產黨的恐怖執權

The Communist Party works with Hamas to sabotage the Jewish republic Israel. The Jewish and Chinese peoples were massacred by Nazis and Japanese, 1931-1945. It is immoral and unpatriotic for the Communist Party to assist the atrocious Hamas organization. The Communist Party is a national traitor, and destroys the Chinese nation.

二戰納粹日本摧毁猶太族華族 如今共產黨協助哈馬斯襲擊猶太民國以色列

United States armed forces fight to raise the American flag in the maritime approach to Nazi Japan, WWII.

IN MALAYSIA, the Malaysian Chinese Association, a major political body, tolerates Hamas ties and Hamas financing in its Insap institute. Major news outlets with Hamas support and in fealty to Hamas, such as The Star and Sin Chew Daily, also work in close liaison with the Malaysian Chinese Association. Such accommodation for Communist Party-aligned Hamas and the antisemitic interests it propagates is countercultural and absolutely detrimental to Asian welfare.

共產黨無道德之行為 滲入馬來西亞華人公會 共產黨哈馬斯運用華人企業星洲日報星報 試圖摧毁華人前途

The Malaysian Chinese Association, once founded on rightist republican values and crucial in the anticommunist fight, has made too many concessions to communist interests that in effect embolden the Beijing authorities, Fatah terror operations, and Hamas. This downward spiral for Malaysia spells doom for all natives and non-natives in this country.

馬華生來國民黨精神 曾積極抵制共產黨運動 近代屈服於共產勢力換來的是北京法塔赫哈馬斯蠻橫和肆虐 此發展對馬來西亞土著非土著多元種族構成禍害

Interpol is tasked with investigating terror links and modern terror activities in high-risk nations such as Malaysia, and the new Malaysian Government minted in August 2021 must take action in tandem with international antiterror standards to root out Hamas and Fatah agents of terror based in Malaysia.

新任馬國政府必須配合國際反恐價值觀 杜絕在馬恐怖份子

Islam is a vehicle for personal virtue and social progress, moderate Muslims explain. Therefore there is no viable reason to morph Islam into a religious resistance against the Jewish race. Radical Islamists are morally wrong—they are radicalists who engage in religious reasoning to fight Jewish people, Caucasian people, or Indian people.

回教伊斯蘭拿來修行良好品德為好事 回教伊斯蘭用來反猶反西洋反社會便是壞事

The primary crisis is this: The Malaysian Chinese Association’s tolerance toward leftist growth in its ranks, including reckless leniency toward those who maintain fraternization with the Communist Party, even after the coronavirus war had begun. Communist biowarfare against the world’s peoples is immoral and should not be tolerated.

新冠病毒生化戰襲擊全球 馬來西亞華人公會不可以持續容忍共產黨在馬舞動的蠻橫和無恥

Chinese civilians worldwide deserve a better Government, not the Communist Government headquartered in Beijing.

全世界華人需要一個有良心的政權 不是北京的共產黨政權

The United Malays National Organization leading Malaysia today must root out the leftist, communistic elements of the Malaysian Chinese Association; and disable the advance of the international socialist terror group Democratic Action Party, and the Arab Democrats who pay them. Arab banking and finance must be stringently monitored to prohibit the flow of easy funds to terror operatives in Malaysia and their households.

巫統務必杜絕一切馬華及行動黨之左翼共產要員 並鏟除左派阿拉伯激進勢力 盯住恐怖份子資金流動 防止在馬阿拉伯特務得逞

United Malays-era (Umno-era) Malaysian soldiers battle Communist Party terror, 1947-1982.



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