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iVoteChina™ is a unique collaboration between two distinct generations and two cultures. iVoteAmerica is working in cooperation with iVoteChina™ and Asian patriots to promote individual liberty, limited government, and free markets.

Victor Jen

Co-Founder & Editor

The time is now.

The fight is between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China. No greater crisis lies unresolved. No civil war is as noteworthily modern as this. It is a titanic struggle between leftism and rightism on a truly immense scale: 1.6 billion living, breathing souls.

iVoteChina™ was crafted to help save China, not destroy her. The Communist Party in the PRC is a crime and an aberration and must be stopped. For the sake of Chinese innocents, the lies, deceit, and wanton behavior of the Communist Party must be named, shamed, and brought to global attention.

iVoteChina™ is purposed in the restoration of China to its Republican glory. Not Manchu imperialism, not opportunistic allusions to historical dynastic power, not a Communist catcall to bulldoze the West. Rather, we seek preservation (indeed conservatism) and a return to classical Chinese values that are civilizational, moral, fundamentally theistic, and anchored in family, ethics, accountability, and future generations.

iVoteAmerica® is a great friend to iVoteChina™. The ROC spirit recognizes America as an ally, kindred soul, and sociocultural companion. It is this automatic spirit that resides in frightened, terrified Chinese people who have been harmed and persecuted by Communist hegemony. In increasingly difficult times, America is Oriental Asia’s surest beacon of sanity and hope. Consider joining us.

The fight is to preserve the Chinese race from being destroyed by leftism in the motherland and diaspora. No higher calling in Oriental politics exists. No people group has as great a make-or-break situation as this. Our prayer is to awaken a true China for the sake of the people and our Oriental friendships with the US and the Jewish State of Israel. The time is now for Chinese people everywhere to gather courage in the moral battle against antisemitism, socialism and communism.

Victor Jen, Co-Founder
The Next Generation of Asian Conservatives™

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Donald Teel


Our world is increasingly interconnected. This is true in terms of communication, politics, healthcare, education, business, travel, and economics.

iVoteChina™ came into being because of the reality of our inescapable global interconnectivity. It was fostered, not by me, but by young Asians of Chinese descent, who wanted a vehicle for expression like iVoteAmerica®.

One of the many blessings of this experience is that I have forged new friendships with The Next Generation of Asian Conservatives™.” It is to them and their vision of freedom that iVoteChina™ is dedicated. With them, I share this endeavor, while recognizing it is their work, not mine. I am older, they are younger, I am western, they are eastern, I am American, they are Chinese…yet freedom prevails.

At its nucleus, the work of iVoteChina™ is about individual expressions of self-reliance, individual and collective values, and the hunger for and expression of the freedom that resides within the human heart. This condition knows no bounds and has no borders.

Admittedly, I do not speak or write Mandarin. I do not reside in Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Yet, my bonds with those contributing to iVoteChina™ is genuine and unshakable, unscripted, and born not of shared national origins, but of the innate hunger in every human heart for freedom.

You are invited to participate in iVoteChina™ as a reader, supporter, correspondent, opinion-maker, investor, or commentator. So, join us. I welcome your involvement and look forward to seeing this work flower and bear fruit for the next generation of Asian conservatives.

It’s my hope and fervent prayer that you will find iVoteChina™ and it content informative, inspirational, and pragmatic. It is to this end that I lend my support to The Next Generation of Asian Conservatives®.

Always, let us know your thoughts and how we might serve the calling of individual freedom.

Donald Teel, Founder
The Next Generation of Asian Conservative™

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