August 15, 2021
手足聯心 League of Support Opens


Your testimonies are important and you will be cherished for having come forward with your undeserved suffering. Your experiences are not to be kept under wraps. The League Of Support and iVoteChina will catalog, express and release your recounts of the atrocities you have suffered. Your life will see the light of day and you will no longer be successfully deleted by leftist forces.

Send your grievances to iVoteChina or directly to Editor Ong Yong-jen at to report your adverse and negative experiences with leftists, left-wing operatives and urban agents of terror.

In cooperation with you and your family or close friends, League Of Support will work shoulder to shoulder as your ally to express your pains concisely and directly and publish the recount on iVoteChina permanently. League Of Support is a full-volunteer program with no cost to victims of sociopolitical terror who come forward to report their sufferings and anguish.

Your Hurts Are Likely The Following:

“You are likely a victim of radical Arab or radical Islamist lovebombing, in which Muslim(s) cozy up to you, use you, rope your feelings in and then ditch you for whatever concocted reason, usually due to your identity as a Jew, Caucasian, Asian, classical Chinese, Republican, pro-Trump rightist-conservative, or pro-Israel supporter.

“Like a freight train hitting you and departing, you are likely to have been used and ditched in a corporate, academic, financial, departmental or interpersonal sense. You are likely a victim of subsequent ostracization, shunning and misrepresentation.

“You are likely to have been cheated or used for your Jewish upbringing, or have had Jewish teachings used against you, to put you in an arbitrary box created by radicals who contact you online or in the real world. Many of these radicals use pseudonyms, artificial personas, or impersonations, pretending to be Jews, Caucasians, Chinese, Koreans, etc.

“You are likely to have been frightened online or offline, so much to the extent of generating in you a newly entrenched fear that causes you to retreat into that cunningly defined box, designed by those terrorists and cyberterrorists who hurt you. You are likely tempted to want to give up on communicating with people.

“You are likely to have been electronically hacked or inundated with digital errors. You are likely to have been sent death threats or threats of lawsuits or mob action. You are likely to have been physically assaulted, punched or kicked or violently deplatformed by Arabs, Islamists, leftists or communist Chinese, and your enterprises and businesses are tackled and assailed and bankrupted by these civilian terrorists.”

No matter how grievous the hurt or painful your ordeal, League Of Support and iVoteChina are here for you. iVoteChina is an iVoteAmerica affiliate and supports the Republic of China against the People’s Republic of China.



Agents of terror who contact League Of Support will be discovered and outed. Their methods, fake or real identities and communications content will be compiled and released through iVoteChina, media agencies or government authorities.


Wherever you are in the world, America, China, Europe or Indonesia, liaise with League Of Support and relate at length the sociopolitical persecutions and malicious deceit you have been facing. Expose wrongdoers and slow the effects of social and intellectual terror.

If you are voiceless even when you’ve suffered as a victim of sociopaths, rioters or educated professionals who pretend to be demented or psychotic and rip into your family, children, business, possessions etc. (such as your vehicle, computer, store, or office), say something. Speak. Write. Share.
Don’t let terror take you over and win.


Ong Yong-jen

Ong Yong-jen, or Victor Yong Jen Ong of the iVoteAmerica affiliate, iVoteChina: The Next Generation of Asian Conservatives is a Republican Chinese activist schooled in global policy at Harvard University and organizes the League Of Support outreach program to defend and give voice to sociopolitical victims of radical Islamist terror in all forms. Ong is an active Zionist, author of the text Old China, Older Israel, and possesses an immense love for the Jewish and Chinese peoples. He can be reached directly at

“My experiences with the Mounib Joudeh family, and particularly with the social terror and cyberterror activities of Hala Mounib and Suhair Safi and their extensive network point to the horrific situation of modern Palestine keganasan (terror) in Malaysia. It shows the rigor with which left-wing violence and infiltration have scaled Malaysian society and turned Malaysian politics into a proxy for Iran, Fatah, and Beijing. It shows the depth of assistance being supplied to operatives on the ground. From Angkatan Belia Islam to Pakatan Harapan to communist conversion in the Malaysian Chinese Association, the rise of leftism in Malaysia has only served to strengthen the Democrat party in America and the Communist party in mainland China. Where is a moderate Islam in all of this? It is being swept out and replaced with an anti-Israel, anti-Republican, pro-Hamas, and pro-Iranian stance. This is terrible for Malaysia.

“We must push back against leftism. Whether in Australia as a victim of Labor, or in Singapore as a sufferer under the People’s Action Party, or in Hongkong and Taiwan maltreated by communist and democratic progressive forces, you can come to League Of Support. Your racial background—Chinese, Jewish, Indian, Pacific Islander, or European is no barrier. If you love life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, contact us at iVoteChina or iVoteAmerica, or write to me directly. You have it in you to topple that vile culture of death the leftists promote.”



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