May 5, 2021
Field Report: The MCA’s swing to the left

The MCA’s swing to the left destroys local Chinese potential | The Chinese diaspora in leftist Malaysia buckles under communist hegemony | Palestine radicals operate without restraint


Signs of the Malaysian Chinese Association’s swing to the left, including coddling of the Communist Party, importation of the communist vaccine, and years of arranging visas for Arabs to Australia and America, would only lead voters to form a confusing impression of what the MCA is.

Headlined by a rightist senator, but led in the day to day by a team of leftists, the pro-Palestine Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research brutishly insists it is an independent research organization, even while it thrives in the Wisma MCA building. The Institute (INSAP) disobeys the messaging needs of the MCA, and sabotages the friendship extended by U.S. Republicans.

Supporting the pro-Democrat, pro-Iran Anwar Ibrahim, and maligning the National Front’s Najib Razak, and indeed mudslinging the National Front itself—the behavior of the Institute is one that is no different from the editorial propensities of The Star and Sin Chew Daily. The Institute has clearly breached MCA ethics, but remains under the banner of the Malaysian Chinese Association. Harnessing both Mandarin and English, the new-age, newfangled institutions of the left deploy their basic fake news tactics of deceiving the masses, and misleading the general public.

The world’s Chinese are at a crossroads: support for Taipei ROC, liberty, and Israel. Or allegiance to Beijing PRC, leftist violence, and Palestine.

When President of the MCA Dr. Wee Ka Siong criticized the fugitive Zakir Naik—the antisemite and radical Islamist, and insisted Zakir should be deported to India for trial, that was a flair the MCA should always possess. The Association was born in the right, and ought to stay resolutely by its founding principles. The MCA cannot afford to be reduced to a left-wing organ: leftism is already the crown of the Gerakan and the Democratic Action Party. If the MCA were to be overly merciful toward and tolerant of those leftist members who are loyal to the Communist Party, that would mean indirect support for Iran, and permission for Iranian terror to roam free like a fish to water.

The Malaysian Chinese Association’s flirtation with the left has gone on for a protracted period of time, and branches and divisions in the south of Malaysia have also accommodated an emergence of communist supporters eager for the glory of betraying the classical Chinese race. My ardent love for rightist virtues has been dealt with harshly, in the manner of vitriol and threats, by MCA members of divisional stripe and considerable rank, including a Lai, a Loh, and a Chua. For nearly two years now, such wanton and ungodly behavior has come at me and is one that is truly representative of the customary habit of the Communist Party. These attacks that are as swift as they are precise and vicious aim to do just one thing: to strike at the amiable innocence of my soul, and crush my spirit.

The Road Is Hard, For Traitors Sabotage Us

The destiny of the Malaysian Chinese Association is fraught with difficulty, with a road in political life that is tough to travel on, primarily because its leftists are too many, exactly as how the esteemed senator says it, “Our MCA is sabotaged by the leftists inside.” The audacity of leftism is clear as day, and apparent to all. The coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to collapse like dominoes, and the world’s peoples have come into poverty and destitution; but Beijing still commands everyone to maintain good feelings for the Communist Party. Such crooked and devious audacity is like telling diners who have contracted food poisoning at a restaurant to keep up compliments for the kitchen and the amazing work it’s doing.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to collapse like dominoes, and the world’s peoples have come into poverty and destitution; but Beijing still commands everyone to maintain good feelings for the Communist Party.

In the corridors of time the enablers of the Palestine Arab militant revolutionary radical movement have always been global leftist forces such as the Democratic Action Party, the Communist Party in mainland China, and the American Democratic Party. Palestine represents the occupation by Arab power of Israel, the extermination of Israel, and the replacement of the Jewish republic of Israel with Palestine, as well as the future conquest of Jerusalem by Palestine. These objectives are defined by the very word Palestine, and is in fact an obvious phenomenon of terrorism.

Official Iranian cyberterror boldly states it wants to break Jewish sovereignty—represented by the breaking of Jewish coins—and institute Arab power in West Asia, indicated by the Arab Palestine text, nomenclature, and currency.

Iran, as the most apparent fan of Palestine and what it represents, has in full and ostentatious fashion become partners with Beijing, courtesy of the latter’s courtship. Such is the diabolical nature of Beijing. Our Republic of China has struggled oppressed under Beijing’s strident persecution, because the communists simply want to eliminate the rightist republican Kuomintang.

To curry Beijing’s favor, and oriented on a fear of Beijing, or admiration for Beijing’s cruel and bloodthirsty nature, signs of the MCA swinging to the left have developed rapidly in the past several years as wildfire on a prairie: the Xi Jinping Belt and Road Initiative has deceived many MCA members into participation, and even when Xi began to assert authoritarian power, there was to remain tonnes of MCA members who would continue to protect and defend the atheistic Communist Party, in defiance of classical Chinese values.

What’s In A Name: The Democratic-Republican Tussle

The Republican movement, which in the U.S. is embodied by the Republican Party, focuses on sacred family values, motivates virtues and ethical behavior, and engages in counterterror. The Democratic Party is different, and promotes individualism in the sense of wanton abortion, atheism, co-opting of radical Arab Islamism—all in the name of diversity—so that human trafficking from Mexico becomes a thing tolerated, and the consequent proliferation of recreational drugs throughout America becomes a norm, and with this the collaboration of the Democratic Party in the legalization of marijuana.

Also the logo of the Communist Party in mainland China, this scene in Switzerland features global leftists who hate virtues, love recreational drugs, and express radical wants through mob violence.

“Democratic” is a word oft-abused by the left with tremendous frequency. The Communist Party imprints the word democracy on the walls of Chinese schools. North Korea has its official name styled this way, ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.’ Lee Kuan Yew calls himself verily a democrat. Beijing calls itself the People’s Republic of China. Names not rooted in fact, and form without substance, and the crowning of oneself as ‘democratic’ or a ‘republic’—such are the marketing antics of leftists out to hoodwink the young, and mislead the masses.

The leftist character of the Democratic Party is the hallowed model for various left-wing movements around the world. For instance the persecution against civilian Singaporeans by the draconian political machinations of the ruling leftists of Singapore. The expungement of Hongkong autonomy by a Beijing that dishonors promises, betrays the people’s trust, and voids agreements. The attempt by the Democratic Progressive Party to create a State of Taiwan to void the classical Republic of China. Such nonsensical initiatives and dishonest actions are the habits of the left.

To do good, and yet be reprimanded for it—this by contrast is the political life of the right. Trump fights terror, Bush fights terror, and commentators class these men as racists. The Republican Party topples the Taliban, and young generations label America as an imperialist power. The Taliban, Afghanistan, and al-Qaeda were tackled, not for petroleum, but the lying writers of formidably leftist expertise have cemented the Republican legacies as insensitive things lacking in egalitarianism. Trump wants to explore energy domestically, and stop reliance on Middle Eastern oil, and the left lambasts him as a polluter of the environment.

The Youth Are Not In Love With Communism

Of Malaysia’s thirty million citizens, diaspora Chinese of non-Muslim persuasion number in the mere millions as a second-rate minority subservient to Muslim preeminence. The youth generations among the diaspora Chinese are looking to be gainfully employed, which is a frustrating preoccupation in and of itself. Therefore the deceit and concealment undertaken by Beijing—to the detriment and absolute collapse of the world economy—this has removed any possibility for young people to feel good about Beijing.

Young Chinese will benefit from a future without leftism. It is the duty of 1.6 billion Chinese to resist Beijing and its atheistic communism.

Young people are not to be assumed all at once as Socialist Youth, and it has also come to be that these young voters are growing fairly annoyed by the Democratic Action Party. The DAP has expended its abundance of time in convincing Christian and Catholic churches toward support for Palestine, and the denial of the existence of Israel. The Party’s longtime support of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and Palestine is thus your irrefutable proof of its suitability as a world-class organization of revolutionary quality—and not a Malaysian people’s compact capable of governing.

So the natural alternative appears to be the MCA, doesn’t it? After all the choice is often clear—there are really only two options. Only two major organizations possess ethnic Chinese majorities: the DAP, and the MCA.

The DAP does not care for the moniker Chinese, and buries its racial identity on the battlefront; it is ashamed of the word Chinese, and does not draw inspiration from the Republic of China. In a big way the Democratic Action Party is identical to the Democratic Progressive Party of much renown—the rhetoric of Chen Shui-bian and Tsai Ing-wen mirrors the ideals of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, and are mutually compatible.

Voters are increasingly put off by the rootless, revisionist nature of the DAP. Chinese are Chinese, the Chinese race—its destiny has been identical to that of the Jewish people. As races targeted, persecuted, and massacred in the Second World War, the Chinese lost their nation (the Republic of China) in 1949, and the Jews almost lost Israel in 1948; it was the unity of the Jewish people that spared them the fate of exile, and Israel did prove victorious against Arab Islamist radicalism.

We must never forget our Republic. The new decade cannot be one that is surrendered to Beijing. Communism must be brought to an end, and a post-Soviet transition effected. The Republic of China must have its restoration.

For the local Chinese vote to return to the MCA—for such an aspiration to become a sure reality—the Association has to take hold of the trends of the era, and refrain from sinking the fortunes of the MCA once again as just another body double for the leftist DAP. The left is the left. The right is the right. The Malaysian Chinese Association must learn to choose. The Association must begin to understand that if it does not hope to be excluded in polling sentiments by the youth demographic, there must be a total excision of all leftist publications, the cutting of all links with leftist thought and leftist institutes, and the cessation of cooperative endeavors with the Communist Party. Such renovation will win the confidence of young voters.

Being Conned And Learning From My Ordeal

Having been credentialed at Harvard, and Federation University in the state of Victoria, Australia, I’ve accumulated a wealth of experience in what rightist-conservative principles mean for Australian and American cultures—and known for myself the truthfulness, innocence, and sense of good and right inherent in many Caucasian people. I’ve journeyed by flight to the U.S. countless times, with absolutely no hassle whatsoever.

The Arabs are extraordinary too, and use beautiful English as a messaging medium for the propagation of their ideals—terror has professional websites, financial consultants, teams of outstandingly spectacular lawyers—all are chesspieces niftily plotted around the world strategically positioned to win. However the year 2020 was to be my own personal encounter with the insidious face of terror.

By virtue of our Oriental love for the Chinese people, the Republic of China, and the Jewish republic of Israel, we the Ongs were targeted by Arabs in 2019. A woman of Arab Egyptian parentage—and working for the INSAP—contacted me, became my wife and a daughter-in-law, and swore an eternal love, saying she’d follow me to America. On March 18, 2020, the Malaysian Perikatan administration locks down the entire nation—prohibiting departures—and, concurrently, the U.S. Embassy suspends my wife’s visa consular processes. Thereafter on the twentieth my wife became an utterly different person, that seethed, ‘I don’t love you anymore,’ whereupon she promptly left.

Jewish girl in Jerusalem, Israel | My Jewish friends have been cyberattacked by Malaysian-based Arab Palestine radicals for upwards of eleven months—this persecution is relentless, and highlights the modernity and ease of urban Asian terror.

Caught off-guard, I collapsed. Losing twenty kilograms, and done in by trauma and psychological paralysis, it was a long time before I could begin to heal. In the meantime the Arab woman and the Palestine forces that aided her began attacking the Jewish liaisons and professors in my circle of contacts. It turned out she was neither poor nor downtrodden—she unleashed assets and resources, made strides with organizational support, and was evidently unsatisfied with having duped just me and my diaspora Chinese kin. Today she traipses about, conning yet others; donning fake identities and impersonations, these Arabs have stolen online, hacked the electronic platforms of Jewish institutions, and smashed information, records, and manifests belonging to Jewish individuals.

In a shrinking global village that will reopen after Covid-19 subsides, the actions of Hala Quot al-Quloub Ahmed Samir Mounib, Alfysal Mounib, Suhair Joudeh, and the Mounibs-Joudehs are not to be taken lightly, or treated as unimportant.

To be marked and targeted by Arab Palestine radicalist groups is no blessing at all. Bad people run fast, and the arm of the law does not reach far and furious enough to nab them and bring them in. The Malaysian Chinese Association ought to remind itself that there is an eventual price being demanded for mercy shown to terrorists—there is a natural, and heavy price we will have to pay for our mercy toward those Arabs and Iranians, indeed those who wish to destroy Israel. Counterterror requires vigilance in the foremost, and alertness, and an attitude that is always on guard. Do not follow in the foolhardy innocence, and gullible naïvety of Ong Yong-jen—me, a simpleton who suffers thus a most horrific defeat on the chessboards of radical Islamism.

實地考察:馬華左傾 殃及華社潛力






政治路難走 問題出在叛徒攪局

馬來西亞華人公會之所以命運坎坷、政治路難走,是因左派人士太多,正如上議院議員言道:“我馬華被黨内左派人士攪局了。” 左派的大膽,有目共睹。疫情導致全球排山倒海全面癱瘓、世界各種族窮了、破產了,但是北京仍然命令大家,必須對共產黨保持好感。如此大膽的歪道理,宛如在餐館用餐中毒後,還必須讚揚廚房做的好。




什麽是民主 什麽叫共和















2019年只因我家族愛華社、愛中華民國、愛以色列猶太民國,就被阿拉伯人盯上。阿拉伯埃及一名女子,研究所辦事的她,聯繫我,成為夫人媳婦、誓永遠愛我、跟隨我去美國。2020年三月十八日,馬來西亞國盟政府封國、美國大使館也配合停辦簽證。二十日,夫人翻臉吐出:“我不愛您了” 便走人。






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