June 29, 2021
Communist Chinese Terrorism, Malaysia, and Covid

Using biomedical outposts in the Mideast, Malaysia, and United Kingdom, Communist China empowers Arab radicals and extremist Muslims in an anti-Caucasian racial war against the West

The lies and deceit have gone on long enough, and it’s time for terrorism to come to a swift end. International inspectors from multiple agencies, and not merely the EU and UN, deserve to make a full, independent accounting of the communist situation, and bring the perpetrators of the nCoV/Covid-19 biological warfare program ■共產黨細菌戰 to justice at The Hague.

The Hala Quot al-Quloub, Alfysal Sameer, and Joudeh Mounib phenomenon ■在馬恐怖主義及官方配合的恐怖活動 is a development entrenched in official support, urban in nature, and therefore hard to defeat, but constitutes only a simple section of a wider problem of Malaysian state-sponsored terror.

The Communist Chinese authorities work with the radical Middle East to advance the Arab and Iranian agendas. Such evil is being bolstered with Malaysian help from parliamentarians and top figures in politics and religion.

Such exported terror groomed in Malaysia ■馬來西亞輸出恐怖主義 has harmed targets in North America, Australia, and South Korea. The challenge is nothing less than a protractedly laborious uphill struggle against terrorists who are human and additionally well-equipped, well-connected, well-financed, and well-educated (4Ws). Propagation of viruses, and the atrocities of anti-Jewish activism, cyberterror, identity theft, and fraudulent communications in recent months as well as murders, disappearances, and physical violence are not funny in the least, and must be put to a stop.

Terrorism Made In Malaysia

■馬來西亞國內恐怖集團旗下的民間行動小組無法無天為所欲為 ■經法塔赫和北京共產黨委托馬來西亞國內局勢陷入恐怖分子手中 Terror cells in Malaysia enabled by Fatah, Beijing, and the Pakatan and Perikatan coalitions ■希盟國盟助長恐怖主義分子協力反洋 are given free rein to sabotage Western individuals, corporations, and institutions, and the pro-Republican Asians in alliance with Israel and rightist America.

Manufactured Islamist entities such as Pakistan, Palestine, and Northern Cyprus receive backing in the private and public sectors of the Malaysian and Indonesian economies.

■北京哈馬斯伊朗一帶一路合夥作業 ■回教帝國主義共產黨獨裁主義相輔相成成功打擊海外華人企業 ■細菌戰殺害百姓 In America and maritime Asia, families are being destroyed, and businesses are smashed to pieces. Such terror and the backwardness that fuels it must be quickly addressed, and the crisis tackled, or this Malaysian nation of 31 million will supercede Iran as the hemisphere’s newest leader in anti-Western terror ■馬來西亞將取代伊朗升級為伊斯蘭恐怖主義榜首徹底殲滅洋人 .

Pol Pot, Stalin, Yugoslav leftists, Castro, the Kim dynasty in North Korea, Saddam in socialist Iraq—these criminals form the infamous backdrop to the cruelty of what Beijing is bringing upon the world. Communism must be soundly defeated in this decade, or else the citizens of our common humanity will have to suffer ever the more ■唯有推翻共產黨才能給全世界人民帶來幸福 .

Bring The Beijing Regime To Trial

If Beijing and its illegitimate People’s Republic of China are not dragged to the stand in our time, the greatest to suffer will be Taipei and the Republic of China ■北京偽政權和中華人民共和國殃及了台北和中華民國 .

Sovereignty in China belongs to the Republic of China—sacred capital Nanking, parliamentary and constitutional, and provisionally headquartered in Taipei.

Indeed the Republic of China must be reinstated for all of China ■中華民國統一中國 , and Communism must be thoroughly squashed, but first there ought to begin without delay a series of tribunals to examine the list of grievous crimes against humanity that Beijing has committed with impunity across seven decades ■北京偽政權七十餘年來所犯下的滔天罪行 .

Over and above, the court of public opinion must be brought with full force upon Beijing; and the commoner, the civilian, and the everyday citizen should therefore begin by waking up to the reality of Beijing’s inhumane acts and its gross, diabolical, and antisemitic collaboration with Iran ■北京伊朗緊密合作 .

Easterners And Westerners Must Unite Against Communism

Beijing’s enabling of Palestine terrorism is disgusting and unacceptable. The Axis/Nazi behavior of the Beijing communists has helped push Israel and the Jewish people into obscurity and existential weakness. The crimes of communism must not be allowed to continue.

Postmodernist progressivism in the form of government abortions, extensive infanticide, arbitrary killings, and clampdowns on thought and expression defines the seven decades of communism in China. This nightmare must end now. Chinese and non-Chinese must unite to tackle the biological and chemical regimens of the Communist Party inherited from its earliest days in Axis Manchuria. The coronavirus crises must be met with the full force of law.

The victims of antisemitism are invariably the Jews of bnei Yisrael (the nation of Israel), who in the homeland and the diaspora are hounded for their race, and regarded as a nonpeople by popular academia and progressive consensus.

Chinese responsibility in every woman, man, and child must be to dethrone the Communist Party, and abolish the unlawful reign of the People’s Republic of China. Sovereignty in China belongs to the Republic of China—sacred capital Nanking, parliamentary and constitutional, and provisionally headquartered in Taipei. All Chinese Orientals in the homeland and diaspora have a national duty for the restoration of the motherland to republicanism.

■北京巴勒斯坦項目積極實踐日本納粹反猶思潮以至消滅以色列猶太國 ■北京共產黨明目張膽否定中華民國中國主權 ■復興中華民國華族須團結一致重獲尊嚴 ■當務之急廢除共產黨


South Chinese in the 1980s, Hongkong, British China, finish a summer program for new celebrities with a Cantonese rendition of hava nagila, a Jewish national song first composed in the early decades of Zionistic endeavors for the sovereign restoration of Israel.



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