November 22, 2020
The Chinese Threat Is Real, P.R.C.-Style

Esteemed conservative stalwart Newt Gingrich explained it best, but I paraphrase: the Chinese were once America’s greatest ally, and outshone even Great Britain in importance and relevance to America.

So, what changed? How did decades of exotic fascination for China, pity for her predicament and evangelical assistance for her impoverished peoples, between 1911 and 1949, die all of a sudden? The answer: the dismantling of the Republic of China in 1949, and the meteoric rise of the Communist Party to power in a new capital, i.e. Beijing.

The Reality Of Two Chinas

The Republic was hounded from its capital of Nanking/Nanjing in the infamous Chinese Civil War. By 1950, a provisional capital had been chosen: Taipei, and the Republic soon became synonymous with the name Taiwan.

And, to paraphrase yet another admirable American (Natalie Portman, as a Senator for Naboo in the Star Wars saga), this was how freedom died: with a whimper. And “thunderous applause” as well, for the Communists and their newly created People’s Republic seemed like a savior to some, particularly among university students (which sounds eerily similar to Antifa, BLM mobs and Cancel culture in contemporary America).

Socialism And The Palestine Lie

It is a tragedy that the Republic of China has been reduced to a mere island; and that the People’s Republic of China having usurped the mainland, is now working with Iran and Islamist nations to sabotage much of the world.

Socialism wears no guises. Between an Al-Quds Force designed to conquer Jerusalem and Islamicize it, and a comprehensive 25-year pact tying Iran and the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.) together, the Iranian regime understands it possesses geopolitical advantage over affairs to which a faraway United States can barely relate in time. Socialism makes no pretense of its love for Islamic hegemony in West Asian issues: the American Democratic Party is the default bulwark of pro-Palestine positions, and Democratic politicians make no mistake in establishing clear, unmissable vitriol against the very existence of Israel.

The Antisocial Nature Of Socialism

The most oft-deployed slogan in the P.R.C., or Mainland China, is a sunshine and rainbows phrase as real as the air you breathe: “Socialism Is Good”, or Shehuizhuyi Hao. This declaration adorns parades and comes crested with flowers and dressed in song. The mainland is truly in a vice—a North Korean-esque situation that commands fidelity to socialism, but with a twist. The Communist Party has the mechanisms of the market to pay more than some of its subjects handsomely, for the dirty work of drowning the nation in leftism.

In addition to the long con of socialism, which sounds as innocent in Mandarin as it does in English—’social’ you see? What’s wrong with being social, Mom?—the Communists maintain their supportive stance on the artificial ‘State of Palestine’, which was founded in 1988, meaning a full forty years after the establishment of the modern Jewish republic of Israel.



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